Morgan’s new design

Morgan is very happy about her new outfit and in time for her convention in October in Chicago.  She is thrilled to be seeing many of her friends and learning new sewing and accessory technics.  This is one of a few conventions that are held yearly.  She has not gone to any for the past three years and is really looking forward to this one.

She will be taking her camera and will post pictures when she gets back.


My Muse Morgan

This is Morgan, she is my 6th scale fashion muse.  I also call her my travel doll as she travels with me on vacations, visits with family/friends and conventions.

She is very patient when I stick her with pins and never talks back. She loves new outfits and getting ready for doll conventions.  Crazy yes? No, fashion dolls are a very big hobby around the world.  I go to several doll conventions during the  year.  The Barbie con being the biggest. It has 1500 attendees; male and female.

I’m going to a new one for me, it’s the WU con hosted by integrity Toys. The designer of the dolls is Jason Wu, he is the designer that made the beautiful white gown for the president’s wife at the inauguration.  Morgan is one of his dolls.

Ive been told he puts on a very high end convention and i’m thrilled to be going this year.  I like to try out an idea on Morgan first as she takes very litte fabric so I can buy the expensive silks and brocades and still have money for lunch.

Right now she is in the fitting stage of a new Pucci inspired blouse for the WU convention.  I will post pictures of the blouse when its done.

Happy dolling!

Recycled Fashion

I love going to the yearly Del Mar fair in San Diego. It usually runs from the middle of June until July 4th. I always try to go on opening day for the sole purpose of eating the fried foods when they are fresh and the grease is clean. This year was no exception. June 10th was opening day and I was right there with the hundreds of other people wanting to get a jump on the fair first. My favorite part of the fair is always the exhibits; Paintings, mixed media, photography and woodworking.

While I was going through the painting/mixed media section ooh and ahhing this dress stuck out among the painting displays.  I snapped a couple pictures before being asked not to take pictures. I was glad they got me AFTER I had already finished.  I didnt want to steal the idea, I just want to enjoy a beautiful piece of art.

The dress is from those recycled plastic grocery bags. I thought it was very clever, who would have thought the bags I use to clean my cat boxes could be so chic……. Not very practical though, I couldnt get close enough to check out the back but I suspect that it was not removable.

I love new ideas to recycle. It just goes to show that with a good imagination you could make a beautiful dress out of material that is pretty much free.  Free is always good!

I’m sew overdue

I sew as a hobby,  sixth scale mostly (Barbie size) (R)  she is the perfect model.  I love Haute Couture fashions and creating them is affordable when it only requires scraps of fabric.  Ahh expensive fabric for little money.

Lately i’ve been dreaming of doing a lifesize collection, picking an era gone by and bringing it into the 21st century.  My first thought was wow thats a lot of fabric, my second? I dont know anything about pattern making.  So……..

after years of wanting a professional dress form, I finally took the plunge and bought one.  Now you ask, what does that have to do with pattern making? well, drapping on a form helps a lot in creating patterns.  I called my friend and “Road Trip” was all I had to say. We arranged a day to make our journey to Los Angeles, home of all things fashion.

We must have spent two hours in that store looking at all the different forms, it was very exciting. There were several forms that had been painted, I loved the Marilyn and Audrey posted here.

The trip ended up costing me $376 but I had budgeted $400 and I ended up with two forms, a full size and a half size plus misc supplies, all on sale.

My dream of creating that collection hasnt happened yet but soon!

Missing Mom on Mothers Day

My mom passed away last August from ovarian cancer at the age of 72.  She was such a beautiful woman, and her beauty was all natural.  The only makeup she ever wore was lipstick. Her eyes were the prettiest blue and she had naturally dark brown hair that was almost black.

I had so much fun with her, she was my best friend and swapmeet buddy on Sundays.  She loved jewelry, she wouldnt leave the house without her earings, necklace and rings to match what she was wearing, she was so cute.   I must have gotten my love for jewelry from her. The swapmeet is a great place to find new and used jewelry for cheap. I’m more of a vintage jewelry girl and have found some striking pieces at the swapmeet and I dont pay a lot for them.

Now I have a new swapmeet buddy,  my son George. We meet there every Sunday now. I know my mom is looking down with a smile.

Mothers day will never be the same without my mom, but her memory is with me everyday.

I love you mom!

Los Angeles Fashion District

Los Angeles has the best garment and fabric district, for anyone who likes to shop or sew this is the place to go if you are ever visiting.  Miles and miles of fabric/clothing/shoes and accessory stores. Its overwhelming the first time you go, but after you’ve been there a few times you know what stores are the best for what your looking for. Its nice for me because I only live 2 hours away so I can go anytime I want.

I only go for the fabric, I love to work with Duponi Silk, the fabric stores in San Diego the Duponi is $29.00 yard. In the garment district its $8.00 and the selection is so much better in LA.  I try to go twice a year. The last time I went I actually checked out some of the clothing stores. I found this beautiful velvet burnout jacket, it was more than I usually pay for clothing at $60 but it was 1/2 off and worth every penny. I am so into peacock right now, everything about the pattern and colors just make me happy.

Zandra Rhodes

A few weeks ago Iwent to the Mingei Museum in San Diego where they had on display designs from the textile designer Zandra Rhodes. She was popular in the 60’s -80’s for her colorful fabrics and designs.  The “Manhattan” as she calls it, is a shocking pink dress of silk georgette that portrays the Empire State & Crysler Buildings in silver, orange, black, pink, white and gold sequins and bugle beads. This beautiful garment is just one of many that was on display.

I cant tell you  how thrilling it was to see this collection in person and up close, all the details and work that goes into each piece you just dont see in pictures.  I left very inspired.  If you ever have a chance to see a designers collection in person, I highly recommend it. Its a great experience to have.

Now if I could only get to fashion week in New York…….

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