Is Leppard the New Black?

What is it about Leppard print that makes it so popular year after year in fashion?  I watch the old movies as far back as the 1920’s and leppard is always in there somewhere.  Hats, bags, capes you name it.

Like rhinestones and sequins, i’m also drawn to leppard. I feel so rich and chic in leppard, it never goes out of style.  I see leppard and I want to tear it off the person wearing it, especially if its vintage or a vintage reproduction. 

It isnt often that I come across vintage leppard in the thrift stores or swapmeet, it seems to be highly collectable. If I do its usually way overpriced or has unfixable defects.

I did however find this vintage leppard cape from the 50’s in mint condition a few years ago in a thrift store.  I believe it was about $5. I havent worn it yet but I think with a light brown 50’s-60’s chiffon blouse with long puffy sleeves and wide cuffs and maybe a black pencil skirt would look really hot.  The great thing about fashion, is you can mix and match patterns, years, and styles and have it look chic if you mix the right pieces.

I photographed the cape with a solid pearl collar turned around so the back is in the front ($3) at a swapmeet.


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