First Fashion Magazine

Yesterday I was at Barnes & Noble bookstore, one of my favorite places to wander around in, I came across the Harper’s Bazaar “Best Covers” special edition magazine.  It got me wondering about the first american fashion magazine.  I left B&N with the magazine and when I got home I go0gled “America’s First Fashion Magazine” and to my surprise it was Harpers Bazaar.

The first issue was published in November of 1867 and was originally “Harper’s Bazar” with only one “a” . The first cover of the then-weekly magazine illustrated two romantic bridal gowns with full skirts with cinched waists and hat’s inspired by the era’s celebrity muse, Empress Eugenie of France.  The spelling was changed in 1929 to feature two a’s in Bazaar.  

I’ve only flipped through the pages quickly but wow what great art work.  I did check to see what the cover was for my month and year of birth and it featured long suede gloves in mustard, mint and grey with a woman’s eye in a hole between the grey gloves. The title “Eyes on Paris and America”.

Very cool, if you love fashion and have a few extra dollars, I highly recommend this new collectors issue of Harpers Bazaar!



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