Los Angeles Fashion District

Los Angeles has the best garment and fabric district, for anyone who likes to shop or sew this is the place to go if you are ever visiting.  Miles and miles of fabric/clothing/shoes and accessory stores. Its overwhelming the first time you go, but after you’ve been there a few times you know what stores are the best for what your looking for. Its nice for me because I only live 2 hours away so I can go anytime I want.

I only go for the fabric, I love to work with Duponi Silk, the fabric stores in San Diego the Duponi is $29.00 yard. In the garment district its $8.00 and the selection is so much better in LA.  I try to go twice a year. The last time I went I actually checked out some of the clothing stores. I found this beautiful velvet burnout jacket, it was more than I usually pay for clothing at $60 but it was 1/2 off and worth every penny. I am so into peacock right now, everything about the pattern and colors just make me happy.


Zandra Rhodes

A few weeks ago Iwent to the Mingei Museum in San Diego where they had on display designs from the textile designer Zandra Rhodes. She was popular in the 60’s -80’s for her colorful fabrics and designs.  The “Manhattan” as she calls it, is a shocking pink dress of silk georgette that portrays the Empire State & Crysler Buildings in silver, orange, black, pink, white and gold sequins and bugle beads. This beautiful garment is just one of many that was on display.

I cant tell you  how thrilling it was to see this collection in person and up close, all the details and work that goes into each piece you just dont see in pictures.  I left very inspired.  If you ever have a chance to see a designers collection in person, I highly recommend it. Its a great experience to have.

Now if I could only get to fashion week in New York…….