Recycled Fashion

I love going to the yearly Del Mar fair in San Diego. It usually runs from the middle of June until July 4th. I always try to go on opening day for the sole purpose of eating the fried foods when they are fresh and the grease is clean. This year was no exception. June 10th was opening day and I was right there with the hundreds of other people wanting to get a jump on the fair first. My favorite part of the fair is always the exhibits; Paintings, mixed media, photography and woodworking.

While I was going through the painting/mixed media section ooh and ahhing this dress stuck out among the painting displays.  I snapped a couple pictures before being asked not to take pictures. I was glad they got me AFTER I had already finished.  I didnt want to steal the idea, I just want to enjoy a beautiful piece of art.

The dress is from those recycled plastic grocery bags. I thought it was very clever, who would have thought the bags I use to clean my cat boxes could be so chic……. Not very practical though, I couldnt get close enough to check out the back but I suspect that it was not removable.

I love new ideas to recycle. It just goes to show that with a good imagination you could make a beautiful dress out of material that is pretty much free.  Free is always good!