My Muse Morgan

This is Morgan, she is my 6th scale fashion muse.  I also call her my travel doll as she travels with me on vacations, visits with family/friends and conventions.

She is very patient when I stick her with pins and never talks back. She loves new outfits and getting ready for doll conventions.  Crazy yes? No, fashion dolls are a very big hobby around the world.  I go to several doll conventions during the  year.  The Barbie con being the biggest. It has 1500 attendees; male and female.

I’m going to a new one for me, it’s the WU con hosted by integrity Toys. The designer of the dolls is Jason Wu, he is the designer that made the beautiful white gown for the president’s wife at the inauguration.  Morgan is one of his dolls.

Ive been told he puts on a very high end convention and i’m thrilled to be going this year.  I like to try out an idea on Morgan first as she takes very litte fabric so I can buy the expensive silks and brocades and still have money for lunch.

Right now she is in the fitting stage of a new Pucci inspired blouse for the WU convention.  I will post pictures of the blouse when its done.

Happy dolling!