First Fashion Magazine

Yesterday I was at Barnes & Noble bookstore, one of my favorite places to wander around in, I came across the Harper’s Bazaar “Best Covers” special edition magazine.  It got me wondering about the first american fashion magazine.  I left B&N with the magazine and when I got home I go0gled “America’s First Fashion Magazine” and to my surprise it was Harpers Bazaar.

The first issue was published in November of 1867 and was originally “Harper’s Bazar” with only one “a” . The first cover of the then-weekly magazine illustrated two romantic bridal gowns with full skirts with cinched waists and hat’s inspired by the era’s celebrity muse, Empress Eugenie of France.  The spelling was changed in 1929 to feature two a’s in Bazaar.  

I’ve only flipped through the pages quickly but wow what great art work.  I did check to see what the cover was for my month and year of birth and it featured long suede gloves in mustard, mint and grey with a woman’s eye in a hole between the grey gloves. The title “Eyes on Paris and America”.

Very cool, if you love fashion and have a few extra dollars, I highly recommend this new collectors issue of Harpers Bazaar!



Is Leppard the New Black?

What is it about Leppard print that makes it so popular year after year in fashion?  I watch the old movies as far back as the 1920’s and leppard is always in there somewhere.  Hats, bags, capes you name it.

Like rhinestones and sequins, i’m also drawn to leppard. I feel so rich and chic in leppard, it never goes out of style.  I see leppard and I want to tear it off the person wearing it, especially if its vintage or a vintage reproduction. 

It isnt often that I come across vintage leppard in the thrift stores or swapmeet, it seems to be highly collectable. If I do its usually way overpriced or has unfixable defects.

I did however find this vintage leppard cape from the 50’s in mint condition a few years ago in a thrift store.  I believe it was about $5. I havent worn it yet but I think with a light brown 50’s-60’s chiffon blouse with long puffy sleeves and wide cuffs and maybe a black pencil skirt would look really hot.  The great thing about fashion, is you can mix and match patterns, years, and styles and have it look chic if you mix the right pieces.

I photographed the cape with a solid pearl collar turned around so the back is in the front ($3) at a swapmeet.

Glam it down some

I was a teenager in the mid 70’s when David Bowie was making his way up the charts with his glittery glam costumes and theatrical shows. I went to every concert in San Diego fully dressed in my sparkley shirts, white glitter platform shoes and the painted lighting bolt across my face. I was one of many at those shows. 

My love for over the top glam and glitter never faded, I am drawn to anything with rhinestones and sequins, i’m like a magnet thats pulled to the sparkley shirt, necklace, purse or shoe.

Lately i’ve been finding the most beautiful beaded jackets, something you would see over a gown at a formal event.  I bought this royal blue one, not knowing exactly what I would do with it but hey when the price is right how can you pass it up?

My first thought was how can I glam this jacket down to wear any day of the week? Then it hit me! A plain black or white t-shirt, skinny jeans and fabulous platform shoes. BINGO 70’s glam that works in 2011!

I dont paint the lighting bolt across my face anymore but I do wear the occasional glitter on my eyelids if the mood hits me.

Score of the year!

I have had really good luck at the thrift stores lately, you have to be patient and really take your time when looking through the clothes and shoes. 

I don’t always find quality stuff in my size, but most times I will find at least one good piece. I’ve been known to buy items that aren’t my size if I think they are a great deal.. 

Today I found these beautiful black suede Gucci shoes in size 7  almost new condition but……. they aren’t my size. I have a friend that is my thrift store partner in crime and also a size 7.  She will be the proud new owner of these shoes.

Oh, the cost?  $5.95 at a thrift store!  



My Blog Inspiration

“Whoever said money couldn’t buy you happiness didn’t know where to shop” I read that quote years ago and it stuck in my mind.

I work in a small office two blocks from La Jolla Shores beach in California with three  men and one woman. Our office is very casual, on any given day you’ll find everyone in either jeans and t-shirts or shorts and sandel’s, except me. I stick out like a sore thumb most days. I do wear alot of jeans, but I dress them up with my shirts, heals and jewelry.   

I spend very little money on my wardrobe, I find good quality pieces at bargain prices. With the economy these days lots of people need to watch their pennies. I laugh all the time when I get a comment on a blouse or piece of jewelry i’m wearing, I always thank them and then quote the price and where I bought it. There is no shame in second-hand shopping!

You too can look chic on a very limited budget if you know where and how to find the bargains. It does take some work but that’s the fun part. Its such a thrill when you find a gorgous piece for $5.

I’m going to share my shopping adventures with you and hopefully you’ll get the inspiration to go on your own adventure……for less!


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